Isn’t that always the question?

We have opinions. We have data we want to impart to others. We have a need to interact with others and so we were given vocal cords and the ability to formulate words and sentences so that we could do exactly that.

If I just had the one voice, I guess it would be challenging enough? But I have many. I have my own voice, which offers many opinions and much blathering. Hardly adhering to the rules of the English language. (teehee) My conversations with friends have much profanity and dropping of the G’s, many times including my slight American Southern accent. My conversations with strangers being almost stilted with perfectly formed words and sentences. Many times, I find myself reflecting back who is in front of me. (Is that a compliment?) I tend to ask more questions of others than reveal my own inside self. A coping mechanism for sure. (Whew! That’s a lot of personal information!)

Then, I have everyone else’s voice, which means that my Medium’s mouth and vocal cords make noises that aren’t mine, but everyone else’s! I speak with Spirit’s words in Spirit’s dialect and with their mannerisms and patterns and profanity. I astonish myself! I make myself hoot with laughter!

I find myself apologizing over and over again not wanting to hurt or offend the person sitting in front of me and it generally turns out as delightful a memory as I could have thought of if I’d chosen.

Now I’m writing. Will Spirit use my hands to relay information or will this Blog turn out to be some ego-based extension of my mind and soul? I ask for the latter…

Let’s wait and see!

Respectfully, Kathleen

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