I was recently asked to facilitate a good old-fashioned seance! Awesome! (I thought.) Then my hostess revealed more of what she was looking for, that they were inviting a few guests for Halloween and would be taking photographs and so (I had a feeling) I asked: “Oh… Let me clarify then – Did you want everyone sitting around a table and having readings or an old-fashioned dark seance where you call in whatever spirit is there?”

She replied: “No we don’t want individual readings were just hoping for an old-fashioned one that lasted maybe an hour to call in whatever’s there. It’s more or less something to entertain the guests. “

I replied: “Oh ok… I could do that, but it would only be in the highest and best. Nothing dark. “

…. And I haven’t heard back from her… Not even a “have a good day”. lol

I have to declared that I do not feel very good about this trend to the sensational darkness! What in Creator’s name are you thinking of? Give your head a shake please and hit rewind! Here’s a truth from this old woman:


Darkness will never be your friend.

Darkness can never be tamed or manipulated by you.

Darkness is not here for fun or profit.

Darkness and Evil only serve themselves.

My mantra: “I am known as a light-based Medium which means I only allow the highest and best to come to me and work through me. ” I DO NOT acknowledge Darkness or Evil. Period. I DO NOT condone the behavior of others who dally with such things. I will not play your game so that I can make money. I do not need that to feed my ego. (Which is huge by the way and doesn’t need help. lol) I will try to not treat you differently, but I will remove myself from you. It’s not for me to try to change you, just to stay true to me.

Simplicity: I serve Spirit first and then Humanity.

To the woman who is planning the seance: I know you’re among thousands who think it would be fun. I’m sending prayers for you. – That you get the right person to run your seance who won’t allow harm. Someone who won’t frighten you and can rescue you if you fall. Someone who is sincere and genuine. I am hoping you smudge your home both before and after. That you are satisfied with this one experience and decide to come into this glorious light of love for the highest and best of everyone. We need you all, because even though our numbers are decreasing as the need to make a living is necessary and media coverage shapes us, we are still strong and we will persevere and be triumphant.

Sending much love and light….

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