You might ask: How did a Medium ever start writing fiction instead of a self-help book or spiritual book like everyone else is writing? Well, the story for this novel started rolling around in my head way before I became a working Medium. Maybe you’ll enjoy reading the short version of the story of creation, so here it is:

Back in 2004, my late husband and I owned a used car lot and automotive repair garage in a small town in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. (I had worked in the business for many years.) Business was slow, I was bored out of my tree and every now and then, this story idea would come back into my head. I thought I was very up to date with my big old Mac desktop computer and so finally, I sat down at it and instead of doing books for the business, I wrote. One day, Dick, (my late husband,) discovered what I was up to and wonderfully, he and my mechanic made sure that no one disturbed me for a month and the basic story was down on paper!

The garage did not prosper, we sold out and moved on to flipping houses and then Dick died. I decided to put my natural gifts to work to make my life matter and began the long process of learning to work as a Medium. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Over these years, I kept going back to my little manuscript, filling it out and reliving my story. I looked into self-publishing and back then Wowser’s, the cost was way out of my grasp and so it sat, with me transferring it from the big old desktop to my i-mac to my first MacBook pro, to my 2nd, which lasted me 9 years! I met Rusty and we both wanted to “hit the road” and so it took 3 years to sell everything. I promised myself that once I sold the last house, that I would forge ahead and publish my story and last fall that is what I tried, but the Universe said “Not so fast my good woman!” My 9-year-old laptop decided to fail and the program where I’d been editing my book decided to remove every bit of punctuation! Wah!

I bought a new laptop, and transferred everything over. I had been sending myself emails with the story copied and pasted and found the book and managed to salvage it. It took me 4 months to go back through it and add all the punctuation. I emailed it to my friend Ruth Cooper who is an editor and she edited it then, I tried to load it to Kindle, and again Bah! The programs wouldn’t work with my Mac ones!

I asked my friend Sherry Simoes if she would like to do my cover and as it happened, she has also used Kindle and so Monday, 3 weeks ago I drive up to her place and we tried loading the manuscript. It took even the experienced Sherry ten days to work with the new programs and load my books, but incredibly, it finally worked!

Much celebration and joy!

People are buying it! I am so humbled and honoured and I am trying to thank each and every one as they leave congratulations on my Facebook posts.

I guess the timing had to be there and what I saw as brick walls turned into detours to delay me until the timing was right. The link to buy my novel is there, under the “shop” button.

I wish you today to follow your dreams and do not give up! From my heart to yours, Hugs!

PS: I do have a self-help book in the works and also a second story to follow up this first. More to come!

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